"The lines we draw are invitations to cross over and that crossing over, as any nomadic subject knows, constitutes who we are." (Judith Butler)


I am a doctoral candidate (ThD) in the area of New Testament and Early Christian Studies at Harvard Divinity School. At the same time, I am an ordained deacon in the United Methodist Church. It might seem obvious, then, that religion in general and the bible in particular matter to me. My main concern — whether working with texts from the past or people in the present or people in the present dealing with texts from the past — is to explore the lines that have been drawn and to engage in the profound meaning-making process of accepting, transgressing, and transforming those lines. Thus, the blog: “crossing the lines.”

The lines drawn in my life that I both cherish and cross (and cherish crossing) do not lead just into the academy and church; I also enjoy swimming, singing, music, reading, sports (the Iowa Hawkeyes!), cooking and baking, and most anything involving family and friends.

~Tyler Schwaller

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