"The lines we draw are invitations to cross over and that crossing over, as any nomadic subject knows, constitutes who we are." (Judith Butler)

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The motivation behind this blog is the fact that writing is a significant part of my life, but it is largely compartmentalized into different spheres of activity.  I write for school, for church, for fun, to make a point, to share a thought… in papers, sermons, correspondences, Facebook posts…  All of this writing and a lot of it related.  Or at least, it should be related.  But it often stands on its own.

Take, for instance, academic and church work.  It is my intention and hope to do research and produce scholarship that contributes to the discipline of biblical studies, while also having relevance for practicing communities of faith.  This is a significant part of my intellectual self understanding.  And certainly, because I am an academic who does church work, influences and interests carry over.

But where can it all come together (in an intentional, hopefully thoughtful way)?  Where is the space to share a sermon and then to indulge some wonkish, though fascinating and meaningful (at least in my opinion!), aspect of a text or artifact from the first centuries CE?  Then to write about current social-political-religious events, only to be followed by an enthusiastic post in support of the Iowa Hawkeyes?  To realize, at the end of the day, that the lines demarcating various aspects of our lives are not most meaningful as boundaries giving definition.  Rather, to discover the deep meaning found in the process of drawing, crossing, redrawing, accepting and transgressing these lines as that which constitutes ourselves.

Ah yes, the obvious space for it all to come together, where anything goes: a blog!  A place to perform this intermingling and interaction of very facets of life, which are sometimes more related than even realized.  And if something I share intrigues another person and motivates conversation or further thinking, excellent!  If not… well… not everything on the internet is valuable.

So who knows what will really happen here?  I suppose there’s a chance of nothing (“the best-laid plans…”).  In any case, right now (and always, really), I am inspired by Judith Butler’s words: “The lines we draw are invitations to cross over and that crossing over, as any nomadic subject knows, constitutes who we are.”  And so here I start a blog that is about and is an act of crossing lines.

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